Young people believe that owning a car will help them to get dates

young women
young women

Being the proud owner of your very first vehicle has been considered as an important status symbol whilst growing up for many young people for years, but a recent study has found that this could very well be true.

Owning a set of wheels can lead to getting a date for a number of young people, with as many as 34 per cent of 17 – 25 year olds who were questioned, admitting that they were more likely to get a boyfriend or girlfriend if they had a car and were able to drive.

The actual choice of the vehicle seemed to be unimportant, with only 12 per cent saying they would go on a date with someone because of the type of car they drove.

Of the 2,000 young motorists aged between 17 – 25 years old that were involved in the survey, 65 per cent felt that it was ‘really shallow’ to go out with someone just because of the car they drove. However, 18 per cent of young men and 19 per cent of women believed the better the car you drove, the better life you could enjoy.

The study also revealed that the biggest barrier to driving for young people was the car insurance quotes they faced, with a huge 87 per cent saying this deterred them from buying a car, which scored higher than being able to afford one.

Fuel prices, motoring taxes and the cost of driving lessons were also cited as main deterrents, with just 2 per cent saying that there were no difficulties to taking to the roads.  

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