Valvoline Engine Oil – The right kind of car or motorbike synthetic engine oil

checking oil level
checking oil level

Changing your engine oil is a must for all and every motorist. There are many kinds and types of engine oil on the market today, with price and availability being seen as a deciding factor when consumers are choosing such engine oil for their car or motorbike. Motorcycle engine oil is indeed a little cheaper than car engine oil because a motorcycles engine typically requires less engine oil to refill the oils sum, this is due to the fact that motorbike engines are often smaller than 1000cc whereas most car engines have a capacity higher than 1000cc. However it is worth noting that modern cars engine capacities are dropping, whereas before (for example) fast Volkswagens often had 2.0 litre or even 3 and 6 litre engines, with their modern engines in the new Sirocco are 1.4 litre and producing near and above 210bhp from this size cylinder.

These modern engines excessive power and delivery id due to the engines having the capability to rev to and sustain higher revolutions per minute, for example, older cars often hit a rev limiter at about 6 thousand revs, where these modern engines with variable valve timing can go as high and even higher than 10 thousands revolutions per minute, and as such this high revving increases the stress and demand on the engine to stay and keep well lubricated or face the chance of permanent and long term, even costly engine damage. With the advent of the second and third stage variable valve timing, utilising engine pressure and engine oil to lift the 3rd stage in the valves, the increased wear and tear on engine rotating at these higher revolutions is accounting for the rise in demand for quality, yet cost effective fully synthetic engine oil purchased to give peace of mind that your car or motorbike engine is running with the best oil in its veins as your budget allows for.

Deciding between; mineral oil, fully synthetic engine oil and semi synthetic engine oil or part synthetic engine oil

It really depends on your budget and your concern for your engine life cycle. Some modern manufacturers such as Audi Group produce their own, in house engine oils, and if you are to put any other engine oil in their new cars it will and can invalidate your warranty with them however, the quality and grade of Audi engine oil is like all other oil and lubricant manufacturers; also determined by economic factors. Although Audi pride themselves on being a prestige car maker, the availability and quality of the oil they refine is susceptible to the winds of change over the duration of an order cycle, in comparison to a dedicated engine lubricant manufacturer such as ASHLAND UK aka Valvoline Europe which can exert considerable buying power and leverage over the oil drill operators and in some instances even own the drill and refining plants in which you engine oil is turned from mineral into fully synthetic or semi synthetic and or part synthetic engine oil.

You should never compromise on the kind of car engine oil you choose

As the oil in your motor is; along with the water/ coolant, the life blood of your engine, you should check your water and oil levels regularly and keep a container of water in your car for peace of mind. Motor industry insiders state that you are better with no or less engine oil in your engine than you are with too much/ over filling your engine oil… over filling your oil leads to an increase in internal engine pressure and can quickly damage and crack important parts of the cylinder casing and joints, the wear and tear you will experience from having less/ no engine oil in your motor is far less dramatic and consequential when seen to by a professional sooner rather than later.

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