The Increased Popularity of Online Car Flash Games

men plying online games
men plying online games

Over the past decade the increase of online gaming has turned into a worldwide trend. Popular websites like Facebook and many other free gaming sites, has made the convenience of playing a video game literally at the edge of your finger tips. However, one area of online gaming has done relatively well in racking in thousands of online gamers. Online car games has seen a surge in activity since the days of playing racing games only on a game console.

The 2011 National Gamers Survey for the U.S. shows that 80 percent of gamers play online as their main platform. In reference to car games, in the UK, the Open Press News Wire listed the popular game Car Town, as the number one game played on Facebook for two consecutive weeks. So why has car games online become so popular?

There are numerous reasons, but one of the most important causes is marketing. Companies that are race car related or produce race car games have utilized online racing as an outlet for marketing and sales. In 2002 Microsoft launched a campaign to sell Xbox games for online gaming. They offered subscriptions and full software downloads for specific prices. Zapak, a booming online gaming website in India, recently announced an online car game where players are allowed to drive a car through a scenic replica of Kerala, India. As a result, the Kerala tourism community is hoping to bring in new tourists through the power of online car games.

Convenience is another key factor in the success of online car games. While many consumers still play on game consoles, the amount of internet users outweigh gamers on consoles. With social media booming and the internet being such a necessity in today’s society it would only make sense that car games would make an appearance online. Instead of purchasing game cartridges and discs, it is much more affordable and easier to go online and play race car games for free while getting the same perks. Gamers can race online against other players from all over the world, for free!

Most importantly, online car games merge together the passion for race cars with gaming and popular characters. Legendary games like Sonic, Mario Circuit and Crash Bandicoot find homes on free car racing sites like where internet users can merge all of their favorites into one free game. It’s the perfect package!

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