Magellan Roadmate GPS System

GPS technology in mobile phones
GPS technology in mobile phones

In the 16th century, Ferdinand Magellan was the first known explorer to circumnavigate the earth, a feat he accomplished under the rule of the Spanish crown. Since then, his name has been associated far and wide with navigation. It should come as no surprise that a global tracking firm bears the Magellan name; nor is it surprising that the Magellan Roadmate series has a number of easy-to-use, practical features to make navigation easy.

The Magellan Roadmate series is a line of handheld GPS devices to help clients navigate North America, including the United States. Each unit is easy to use with interactive displays that are intuitive and simple to understand. It’s so you easy that you almost don’t need to read the directions! While Magellan offers various models, all of them share some common features, including six million points of interest (POI). These points allow you to click on an icon for the location you’ve chosen, and the GPS system will provide detailed instructions for arriving at your destination, including freeway exits and other useful information. There are a wide variety of POIs, including fuel stations, hotels, and cash machines, and POIs can be searched by name, city, category, or location closest to your position.

There are other commonalities listed below

Home icon will allow you to program any location to become your home base. QuickSpell? is an intelligence within the Magellan Roadmate GPS system that will check your spelling as you type, and can search addresses and points of interests for you in a matter of a few keystrokes. SayWhere? is the text-to-speech feature that is able to tell you street names and turn-by-turn directions as you travel on your journey. SmartDetour? and Auto re-route are two of the greatest features when it comes to heavy traffic or road closures due to construction or an accident. The Magellan Roadmate can tell you how to avoid these ugly situations and will recalculate your routes as you turn off in other directions to always keep you on track! Auto NightView? is a nifty feature of the LCD display that will allow the Magellan Roadmate to automatically adjust color and contrast for low light or no light situations. Address Books are available on all of the Roadmate GPS systems. You will be able to save recurring information on your trips so there is no need to continually look up the same POI.

There are a number of other great features that aren’t common to all models

As an example, the Roadmate 1430 has a useful tow truck icon to indicate your exact location so that tow trucks can get to you quickly and easily in case of an emergency. The 1430, 1400, and 1200 models also feature 2D and 3D views for enhanced route visualization. Every Magellan Roadmate comes standard with detailed and accurate maps for every country in North America, plus Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and pinpoints your location precisely to within 3 meters in real time. Each unit has rechargeable batteries that last for up to three hours before the next recharge. The Magellan Roadmate GPS creates customizable travel routes, and some models can hold as many as twenty locations at one time!

Users of these slender, compact GPS models enjoy their flexibility and the peace of mind they offer. Take them with you anywhere, or attach them to the window or dash with standard accessories. The volume will adjust to let you hear in noisy situations, and will come back down once the noise level diminishes. You can even download additional maps of the UK and a number of other European countries. For daily life, short trips around town, or longer road trip adventures, the Magellan Roadmate GPS simply can’t be beat!

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