Do Our Parents Make Us Bad Drivers?

someone learning to drive
someone learning to drive

A new pilot program has been recently developed in Australia to help alleviate new drivers inheriting bad habits from their parents, the strange thing is, these children are 12 years old.

Yes that’s right; the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport has created a new pilot scheme that is designed to help teach children to drive properly before having lessons with their parents which could potentially create an environment where younger children are picking up bad driving habits from their parents.

The scheme is a two-hour course available for children aged 12 to 18 and includes safety lessons in the classroom as well as practical off-road driving.

The creators of this pilot scheme believe it is important to help children learn safety precautions and how to drive safely at a young age before they join driving schools or start lessons with their parents.

In the UK we have a huge problem with thinking we are the best drivers after leaving our Driving Schools and getting onto the roads but the reality is we probably aren’t. A scheme like this in the UK could help children learn how to drive properly from a young age and not learn our bad habits. Even though we mean well the chances are we all have bad habits that need to be culled.

We spoke to Beverly Slater Driving School who run a Driving School in Manchester, a real problem area when it comes to driving, said;

“We think helping children learn safety in driving at a young age Is extremely important, we teach our children about sex education from a young age but we don’t expect them to go out and have sex, but it is important to help their education in the future.”

Beverly Slater Driving School

Manchester is a hotbed for high insurance and poor driving in the UK with young drivers finding it extremely difficult to get insurance on their first car, with some quotes rocketing up and above £10,000 so it is a place where helping people learn more about driver safety is vital and I think by introducing driving safety in the lives of children from a young age can help produce better drivers in the future.

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